The Dallas Frohsinn Singing Society History

The Dallas Frohsinn Singing Society was first organized in 1877 and little did anyone then realize that in order still to exist it had to survive two world wars and experience an almost non-existent emigration from their home countries Germay, Austria and Switzerland.   Also, times since then have changed drastically causing an alarming drop in new membership. During World War II the choir disbanded for a few years and then started up again once the war was concluded.   

Originally the Dallas Frohsinn was a men's chorus but in 1991 a Damenchor was also established and became accepted in the Deutsch Texanischen Saengerbund.  Eventually the two choirs merged and became a mixed choir.

In concert we now have three venues - the men's chorus and the women's chorus each singing individually and then the mixed chorus where we sing the four voices together.  

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